20 Effective Home Remedies For Sore Eyes

Top 20 Home Remedies For Sore Eyes

Top 20 Home Remedies For Sore Eyes:

Endless hours spent on PC, laptop or TV can really make our eyes tired and sore. So, is there a way we can find relief from sore eyes? Yes, there is. Not only one but 20 easy, natural methods to give your eyes some rest!

1. Splash Your Eyes With Cold Water:

One of the most common home remedies to treat sore eyes is to splash the eyes with cold water. If this does not help, then you can try wrapping some ice cubes in a clean cotton towel and placing them on your eyes. You can even use ice packs in place of ice cubes. This may help in relieving some of the soreness from your eyes.

2. Use Frozen Foods:

In case there is no ice cubes or ice packs available at home, you can always use other frozen food items instead. Take the frozen food item and place it in a clean piece of cloth and then put it over your eyes for about 10 minutes. It would have the same soothing effect that the ice packs or ice cubes would have on your eyes.20 Effective Home Remedies For Sore Eyes

3. Apply Slices Of Cucumber:

It is a known fact that cucumber has a cooling effect on our body. It has the same effect on our eyes as well. When you go to a beauty parlor to get a facial done or when a mud pack or any other herbal pack is applied to your face, slices of cucumber are often placed on your eyes. This is done to protect your eyes from any chemical that might be present in the packs. It also happens to have a soothing affect on your eyes. The best way to use the cucumber slices is to first soak them in ice cold water for approximately 10 minutes and then put them on your closed eyelids for another 10 minutes. This is bound to heal any soreness or irritation that your eyes may be affected with.

4. Using Aloe Vera:

Aloe vera has always been known to have healing properties. You can squeeze the aloe vera juice out of the plant and freeze it for a while. Blend with some cold water. Then, dip a clean piece of cotton into this mixture and apply it to your closed eyelids. This has an extremely relaxing effect on your eyes.

5. Castor Oil Eye Drop:

If you have ever read the ingredient list on your eye drop bottle, you must have noticed that castor oil is a common ingredient that is found in maximum brands of eye drops. So, what you can do is buy a dropper and use it to suck in pure castor oil and apply 1 or 2 drops each to both your eyes. This has a soothing effect on your eyes and can help to reduce eye irritation. You can repeat this process as many times as you need in a day.

6. Using Rose Water:

Rose water is quite a well known home remedy when it comes to relieving eye soreness. The process is easy. All you need to do is dip a piece of clean cotton wad in rose water and then gently caress the cotton over your closed eyelids. You will feel the cooling sensation almost immediately!

7. Apply Cold Bread:

This is probably an unheard procedure. But it works! All you need to do is get two loaves of cold bread and place them on both the eyes. This helps in decreasing any inflammation, irritation or itchiness that you may be feeling in your eyes.

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