Upset Stomach Remedies

Best Upset Stomach Remedies

After lots of reading and testing, these are my best remedies for things like tummy aches and stomach bugs. My favorite natural remedies are things I keep on hand at all times, or that are easy to pick up at any grocery store or health food store…even on vacation! And these fit the bill.

Identifying Upset Stomach Types

Not all upset tummies are created equal. There’s the “I ate a hotdog and then ran around and got overheated” type. I find with kids, that this one is pretty common if they’ve gotten too hot or too active right after eating. Usually just cooling down and resting helps.

upset stomach remedies 

Then there’s the second type. The “Gee, that double footlong bacon chili-cheese-dog basket with curly fries was really not a good dinner choice” and the “I never really feel good after eating ice cream” types. These are both rooted in the stomach not liking what you’ve put into it. A bit of diluted peppermint oil or extract on the tummy and some digestive bitters may help you along in the case of poor food choices.Upset Stomach Remedies

If you notice consistent problems with a specific food group, or just have very frequent digestive problems, I’d look for a functional medicine doctor or natural health practitioner who can help you with some testing to identify allergies, an unstable digestive flora or lining, or deeper digestive issues that I won’t be able to cover today.

The stomach ache remedies I’m sharing today are of the third type. You know the one…we all dread it. These work for the <whispering> stomach bug or food poisoning ilk. The “Mommy, I don’t feel good! I think I’m gonna frow up…” type.


Stages of Upset Stomach

Early Response

OK, let’s talk early response. With a stomach bug (or food poisoning), you’re dealing with a *bug*. The earlier you can interrupt said party, the better. Microbes multiply quickly, and they are smart enough to make the place more hospitable for reproduction.

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